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The Company develops, produces and promotes chemical and petrochemical lubricants with its own trademark and other brands for national and international market.

Nova StilmOil is a processing Company: It gets the products starting from chemical and petrochemical raw materials such as additives of mineral and syntethic base oils.

The constant development of our products, assure high quality and reliability. The technical staff proposes itself to identify with accuracy the current and future customers' requirements and offers products or services more suitable to the application and if necessary, adapting it to Customer's particular needs.

All the steps of the productive cycle, are carried out inside the processing plant. The raw materials are carefully checked before stocking and blending. Furthermore, the Company has filling equipment and automatic machines for the packaging and stocking of finished products.

The distribution of the product lines, is given to a consolidate net of Agents and dealers to satisfy the needs and requirements of the Customers in the following fields: industry, automotive, agriculture, public and private Companies.